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Educate the public quickly, easily and inexpensively.
Properly educating the public about your agency, programs or initiatives can be a daunting task. Even when you do manage to get the word out, most times people can't fully understand what you're trying to tell them or how to use it.

The way information is both written and presented has a huge impact on how much the average person will understand. For example, President Obama gave multiple speeches on his new healthcare bill and people still didn't fully grasp what he was talking about. WebTY's can greatly minimize this problem for you so you can get a lot more buy-in and public adoption of your agency or programs. We develop web based information tools with a comprehensive understanding of exactly how people:
  • Navigate a web site
  • Process information online
  • Respond to calls for action
Over 24 years of experience in using the Internet as a tool for informing and educating people has allowed us to master the medium. Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your goals.
Make it easy to read & understand.

WebTY's does more than design attractive web sites. When putting your information up on the web, we can present it in a way that is easy for the average person to read and easy to understand. This will improve the amount of people who participate in your program which helps you both keep and increase your funding.
Get the word out and they'll come.

Once your information is on the web, we can help get your key constituents to read it. WebTY's uses a variety of methods from online advertising to strategically designed direct mail postcards. After all, a program is no good if no one knows about.

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