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Increase enrollment with WebTY's.
Every student is looking for something different. We can help you provide prospective students with the information they need, when they need it, as easily as possible. Making things easier for prospective applicants will improve your recruiting activities dramatically and make your institution more profitable. For an example of this type of solution you can read a case study or see it in action. Please apply for access to our online demo to learn more.

Prequalify students quicker.

This solution provides admissions professionals and prospective students with fully customizable one stop shopping. With this solution students can fill out an application and pay all associated fees online. Your institution can:

1. Set up admission rules & guidelines
Customize over 300 rules to filter, sort, and accept incoming students. Our solution can analyze academic, personality and demographic information on prospective students, freeing up your time.

2. Analyze student trends & statistics
Create automated reports based on academics, demographics, acceptance and rejection patterns.

3. Automatically setup new students
Send automated welcome letters. Automatically schedule registration times or enroll new students in predetermined classes. Automatically begin the financial aid process and more.

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