Business Process Automation Solutions

Small Business Process Automation
Improve productivity from the bottom up.
Use the form to the right to see how much money you can potentially save then contact us for a free consultation. A few of the many processes WebTY's can automate within your enterprise are:
  1. Customer Service
  2. Rate Quoting
  3. Prospect Qualification
  4. Reservations
  5. Scheduling
  6. Anything Paperwork Intensive
By using the web to automate our own internal billing activities, we have reduced related expenses by 27%. A client in our Educational Division has condensed a 3-week process into 2 days through automation. The potential to improve the productivity of your valuable resources is almost limitless. Human intervention can be reduced to its bare minimum requirements so employees will be significantly more productive. Contact us with your needs today.

Pre-Packaged Automation Solutions
We have created several pre-packaged solutions based on typical automation requests from clients. Each of the following solutions can be fully customized for your business. In most cases we can also fully integrate BizManager into your existing legacy applications. For more information, click on one of the icons below or contact us.

Sales Force Automation
Sales Force Automation
CRM Solutions
Document Imaging
Document Imaging
Rightsize through automation.

  1. Think of an administrative activity that consumes a lot of human resources.
  2. Enter the number of staffers currently performing the task, the time they spend doing it, and the amount their paid to do it in the spaces below.
  3. Click the "Calculate Your Estimated Savings" button.
# of people performing task:
Hours per task per person:
Avg. hourly wage per person: 
Time saved every day:
Money saved daily:
Money saved monthly:  
Money saved annually:

You can invest up to the amount listed above on an automation solution and still recoup your investment in under a year.

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