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Small Business Process Automation
Computers don't get tired.
There are only 24 hours in a day and some of them are inevitably used for sleeping. Since time is the one commodity we never have enough of, automated business solutions let you get a lot more done in a lot less time.

How much time does billing take up? What about inventory tracking? How much time is spent quoting rates or scheduling things? Routine tasks can suck up a lot of valuable time and money. Use the calculator on the right to see how much money you can save by having the computer do things instead.

Some of the things you can automate are:
  • Customer Service
  • Inventory
  • Rate Quoting
  • Prospect / Lead Qualification
  • Scheduling, etc.
By using the web to automate our billing, we have cut our costs by 27%. Another client of ours condensed a 3 week process into 2 days with a WebTY's automated business solution. The potential to free up your time and save money is almost limitless. Contact us now for a free consultation and start working less tomorrow, while you save money today.

Pre-Packaged Automation Solutions
To instantly make your life easier, we've created several solutions that you can start using in as little as 10 minutes. Now you can easily get more done in less time. Tools like BizManager will make your daily business activities a lot easier. For more information, click on one of the icons below.

Sales Force Automation
Sales Force Automation
Contact Management
Contact Management
Home Business
Home Business Services
See how much you can save.

  1. Think of an activity that takes up a lot of your time, or a lot of your employee's time.
  2. Enter the number of people doing the task, the time they spend doing it, and the amount you pay them to do it in the spaces below.
  3. Click the "Calculate Your Estimated Savings" button.
Number of people performing task:
Hours each person spends on task daily: 
Average hourly wage of each person:
Time saved every day:
Money saved daily:
Money saved monthly:  
Money saved annually:

You can invest up to the amount listed above on an automation solution and still make more than you invest. Get your free consultation today to start saving both your time and your money.

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