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Direct Mail Postcards
(n.) - Direct mail postcards come are large 6" x 9" full color postcards that make a huge impact when snail mailed directly to strategically targeted customers. Full service includes design, printing, mailing list and mailing.

Direct mail gets direct results.

Our all-inclusive direct mail postcard packages have everything you could want from advertising. They are:
  • ATTENTION GRABBING - Because they are full color on both side and huge at 6" x 9", your direct mail postcard will not be ignored when your potential customer gets it.
  • STRATEGICALLY TARGETED - If you don't have a mailing list of potential customers, we can create one for you based on the type of people you want to target. If you want families with 2 children in a certain zip code, we can get that for you. If you want office managers in a 5 mile radius from your office, we can get that for you.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED - We use a blend of art and psychological science when we design your direct mail postcards. The postcard is designed specifically for the target buyer. The example to the left is targeted at families in Buffalo, NY who have been living in heavy snow for 2 months straight. Very effective.
  • ALL INCLUSIVE - We can take care of everything for you. From design, to printing, to creating the customer mailing list, to actually mailing out each postcard for you. The price of postage is even included!
Contact us today using the form below to see how you can generate a large amount of interest in your organization in a very short time. The perfect direct mail postcard is waiting for you.

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