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Social Network Advertising
(v.) - Using social networking sites such as Facebook to get your company more awareness. Targeted ads can be purchased and/or "fan sites" can be created for a 2-tiered advertising campaign.

Advertise with Facebook

Facebook, the new face of social network advertising.

There are many social networking sites out there and WebTY's can help you advertise on all of them. For now however, we'll use the largest social netorking site (Facebook) as our example. There are two ways to advertise on social networks:

Targeted Ads

Because social networks have so much information about their users, it's incredibly easy to created a highly effective, strategically targeted ad campaign. If you wanted to reach males between the age of 24 and 36 who spend over 6 hours online each day and live in the northeast, we can do that! No matter what your product is or who your target market is, there's a way to reach them using social network advertising.

Fan Pages

A second method of engaging customers using social networks is to create a home for your organization there. These are genrally called "fan pages". Creating a fan page isn't hard, but a fan page is useless without an effective strategy for managing it. Why would people want to be a fan of your organization? What do they get out of it? Why would they care? Why would they stay? WebTY's can answer these questions for you and make your fan page a success, keeping your orgniazation on the minds of your customers with a high frequency.

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