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Corporate Intranet Development for Less
When WebTY's develops your Intranet, we do so with a thorough understanding of how your people will use the site. Over 24 years of experience in building Intranets has given us insight that allows your internal web presence to boost employee productivity and decrease internal information dissemination times. WebTY's will focus on:
  • USABILITY - WebTY's will utilize multiple techniques to ensure your employees locate the information they need as quickly as possible. Intra-departmental communication should instantly improve, saving both time and money.

  • SCALABILITY - As your information needs and human resources expand, your Intranet will scale seamlessly with you. This improves your ROI by maximizing the longevity of your initial intranet investment.

  • SECURITY - Lock down intranet access on a per computer basis or expand to an extranet and allow secure access from off-site for all key stakeholders. Granular control of access to any and all intranet resources creates a completely secure atmosphere.

  • MANAGEMENT - Easily administrate intranet assets on a per user or per group basis. For example, marketing and human resources can have their own customizable sandboxes, with key departmental stakeholders holding elevated privileges.

  • MAINTENANCE - Creating comprehensive and secure maintenance tools that maximize flexibility while retaining an error reducing level of security allows your staff to easily update the intranet's content as needed.
Whether you need to improve an existing Intranet or build a new Intranet from the ground up, contact us and our consultants will be happy to outline the options to achieve your goals.
Infinite connections on a finite budget.

Create any functionality you need in your new Intranet. Securely archive HR resources to give employees one-click access to important forms. Have them request vacation time, transfers, purchase requests and more with secure, easy to track intranet forms. Facilitate multi-office collaborations with intranet based project management and more.

There are hundreds of different ways to connect your people while simultaneously improving productivity, saving you both time and money.

You dream it, WebTY's builds it.
Outsource to Buffalo.

Our staff can function as a virtual web department for your organization, while complimenting and working closely with any existing internal personel. Save the same amount of money as you would by outsourcing to India without the time differential, unskilled labor, language barriers, and unreliability complicating things.

To find out how we can improve the quality of your web-based operations for less, contact us.

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