Web Site Evaluation & Competitive Analysis

Web Site Evaluation & Analysis
Get more sales with the same traffic.
Your cost per new customer acquisition is too high. Our web site evaluation and competitive analysis services are guaranteed to increase your web site's conversion rate and decrease your customer acquisition costs.

Website Evaluation
We begin with a bottom-up analysis of your web site's true conversion rate. Once each bucket is analyzed and we can accurately determine the percentage of visitors that convert into both sales and leads, we'll deep dive into your online presence and evaluate over 300 different touch points. The resulting deliverable will be a roadmap for systematically and strategically augmenting each factor with an eye for how each enhancement impacts your web site's conversion rate and efficacy.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the Big 3, we guarantee improved conversion rates after we've completed our engagement. No one ever got fired for hiring the Big 3, but no one ever got fired for saving money and getting results either. Contact us today and get better results from the traffic you already have.

Competitive Analysis
You know who your competitors are, and they know who you are. Right now they're leveraging business intel on your organization and devising ways to advantage their core competencies against you. It's hard to grab market share and if you're not moving forward, you're falling behind. A WebTY's competitive analysis will give you the edge you need to fight back. We'll evaluate your online presence as it compares to your competition's at a granular level and provide a detailed plan of action to improve your web presence and get you the edge you need. WebTY's can also implement all proposed plan items for you with our highly experience web development team. Contact us today to get the edge on your competition.
Evaluating over 300 touch points.

When our consultants go to work evaluating a web site's efficacy, we examine over 300 different aspects. Here is a sample of our proprietary process.

  1. How user-friendly is your site?
    It seems like common sense, but over 63% of today's web sites are considered sub-optimal for customer use patterns. Sometimes even small tweaks such as moving a "buy" button 25 pixels to the left can increase conversion rates by double digits. Happy users make happy bottom lines.

  2. How effective are your
    site's search results?

    As of this writing you can see this in action by comparing Amazon.com and Zappos. Performing side-by-side searches for the same type of item in "real speech" will yield dramatically different results in most use cases. Whereas Amazon will generally deliver the goods, Zappos often struggles to provide the most relevant links. Don't let poor on-site search results hurt your sales. Just as Google provides better search results than other engines, your search tools must also give the best possible results. People can't buy what they can't find.
There are over 300 factors that can be improved on your web site and have the potential to exponentially increase your conversion rate. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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