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(n.) - Door hangers are a form of outdoor advertising. Excellent for businesses with a local clientele. This eye-catching advertising tool is hung on someone's front door so they will always see it when they come home.

Doorhangers easily attract local customers.

Our outdoor doorhangers are perfect for local businesses who server a specific geographic area. These highly durable forms of outdoor advertising are hung directly on your target customer's front door. They are highly resistant to rips and rain, and grab the target's attention as soon as they come home. Key benefits are:
  • SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED - We use a blend of art and psychological science when we design your doorhangers. Each advertising message and the imagery that accompanies it is specifically formulated and targeted for your potential customers.
  • YOU CAN TARGET ANYONE - Unlike typical advertising where your customers has to come to the advertising, this advertising goes directly to your customers! Want to target a higher income customer? Drive to the higher income neighborhoods and hang your doorhangers. Want to target college kids? Go to a college apartment complex and hang your doorhangers there. Making sure your advertising gets to the right customer is very easy here.
  • VERY LOW COST - Compare this to a TV, radio or newspaper ad and you will see that you reach a lot more targeted customers in your service area with a lot less money. It always pays to get more results for less!
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