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Interactive Web Design
The more they interact, the longer they stay with you.
Contests, games, trivia & more.

Contests and interactive promotions:
Raffles, giveaways and other contests can become a viral source of promotion for your organization. They'll come back to your site every day and tell their friends about it, if effectively designed. Contact us now to take your next contest to the next level of success.

Thematic games & trivia:
Games and trivia on the internet are incredibly addictive. When effectively developed, people will come to your site on a regular basis and learn more about your organization every time they play. Virtual prizes or coupons along with specialized downloads can be creatively crafted to promote your organization for a comprehensive promotional suite.

To the left is a small sample of over 1000 web sites that we've created over the past 24 years. No matter what look you want or what features you want, our web site designers and developers can create the perfect interactive promotional web site for you.


"My CD-Rom project needed a company that can do more then develop it. I needed a company that can contribute ideals that would complement my vision. I found that tech partner in WebTY's, they truly made ETHOS Interactive CD-Rom Magazine a priority and worked with me on getting a prototype prepared to allow me to generate a buzz and secure sales. Working under extremely tight deadlines, they were true professionals and did everything they promised me they would do.

As of August 31st, Ethos Interactive Magazine became the "Worlds First Interactive Community Publication" and we share that success with WebTY's. I would recommend to anyone looking for website development or multimedia CD-Rom/DVD mastering to consult with WebTY's before doing businesses with anyone else, they have a team that is talented and a C.E.O. that has class. Thank you WebTY's."
- Dewitt Lee III, CEO
of Ethos Interactive Magazine

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