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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Q: What is an SSL certificate and will I need one?
An SSL certificate is a tool that keeps information safe and secure online. Whenever you see https in front of a web address instead of http, then you know that web site has been secured with an SSL certificate. When you browse Amazon.com, you'll notice that the pages are not secure. They all start with http, but when you go to login and pay, you'll notice that the web addresses all start with https. That is because if a web site is not secured with an SSL certificate, hackers can easily steal your credit card information as you submit it online. That’s why an SSL certificate is standard practice for any web site that accepts credit cards. While ecommerce sites are not required to use SSL certificates to secure your information, you should never put your credit card information into any web site that isn't secured with one.

You will need an SSL certificate if you plan to accept credit card payments through your website and you want to protect yourself from any identity theft liability.
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