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Comments from Satisfied Clients

We highly value our clients. If you aren't happy, we aren't happy. These are some of our favorite comments from the past 31 years. If you would like to add your voice, let us know. Thank you for your support.
"The day that I decided to put together my new web site, I began to thumb through the phone book. Being a small local owned company myself I found WebTY's ad... a small ad in the book also locally owned. So I gave them a call. It wasn't just anyone I talked to that day it was the owner. We meet in my office shortly after and began work. His professionalism, personality, and genuine care towards me and my business, also his patience (especially when he found out that I wanted to input all the data and design myself) is what won my confidence. He cared for my business as if was his own!

I have been doing business with WebTY's now for about 7+ years and they are currently working on a new web site for me. This time without my interference. I have recommended WebTY's to many of my business associates, and friends and look forward to many more years of doing business together, especially now that my sons are coming into my business.

The owner's personal attention is what makes him and his company such a great web design company to do business with. It stands him out from all the rest! I am not only happy to have him as a business partner, but also as a friend."
Dean R. Ballowe, President
of Suburban Pest Control, Inc.
"WebTY's has absolutely given me the tools to succeed in this fast high paced environment. Before I came to WebTY's I had two other web design firms design my site. While they made some improvements, the site just never reached my expectations. I contacted WebTY's, and after talking to them many, many times (I'm sure they were ready to kill me), I took a leap of faith and went with them. They had many obstacles to face, including a less than cooperative ex-web designer who attempted to throw a glitch in anything he could whenever he could. The team continued to chug along even with me asking every hour on the hour when it would be ready. They were always courteous and professional and they finished it up within the time frame allowed. After it was up we were successful from the beginning! We beat the best month of the old site by over 200% and continue to gain more and more ground each day!

WebTY's is THE premier web design team in the nation; I'm convinced of it. Web design is not just making a web site but involves marketing, psychology, and a little luck. WebTY's has got it all going for them. I'm the most cautious, most optimistic person there is, but WebTY's has convinced me that they know what they are doing."
Brian Vincent, President
of Street Concepts Inc.
"Where to start? WebTY's proposal was in a pile with a few others and price was a large factor for our project. Not only did WebTY's have the right price but they bent over backwards and went far beyond my expectations and needs. It was always easy to get everything I needed and when I needed it. At first I was concerned that going with them because of price might be a bad decision but it turned out to be the best as I found out that they were affordable and skilled at what they do. We put them through a lot and I knew that if they could survive that and still want to work for us that we were getting a lot for our money.

They worked with me throughout the developmental stages and provided support even after the project had been completed. You can't go wrong working with WebTY's, the price is great and the level of knowledge and service is under priced compared to everyone I have talked to. I'm so happy with the final product and would recommend them to anyone looking for web support/design."
Paula Reeser, Director of Marketing
for Silver Creek Lodging
"I must say that we are impressed. We thank you very much for the great job you did helping to redesign our website. You met or exceeded all of our goals... and you promised you would! We are excited about the new image and sophistication you created in our web site. Our message is now more crisp and sophisticated and navigation is easier then before.

WebTY's was terrific to work with in all aspects. You were creative, forward thinking, fast & responsive and continued until it was right. It's always nice to have vendors who go the extra mile and never lose sight of the customer's needs.

No doubt we will be sharing your good work with others who can benefit from your services. We look forward to working with you on other enhancements as our business develops."
Jeffrey B. Carr, Principal
at Marcus-Carr Group, Inc.
"WebTY's is most certainly the best web design company Runwayz Concerts Presents has ever worked with. They are very hands on, and have always exceeded our expectations with their sharp and highly imaginable web creations. Our company has worked solely with WebTY's for over 5 years, and we would not even consider seeking any other company to handle our web needs. If you want the best in web design and professionalism, then you need to end your search with WebTY's."
David B. Taylor, Vice President
of Runwayz Concerts Presents
"I am very impressed with the caliber of web design services provided by WebTY's. The WebTY's management team is always available and extremely responsive to our needs. Meticulous attention is given to producing superior designs that compliment our web presence. It is clear that WebTY's takes pride in the work they perform."
Yanira Cantres, National President
of Lambda Pi Upsilon Inc.
"I was real pleased with the solutions your team offered. The integration with PayPal was a great idea and works well. The database was simple and works. Navigating the site is easy and the design good. I also liked that you were so able to work with me on coming up with a basic site and then offer extras that I could include if I wanted. And you were good at addressing my questions. I was able to deal with [my account rep] exclusively through e-mail which was a plus being that I lived overseas for most of the project."
Jack Anderson, Owner
of Halls of Stone
"WebTY's has been an awesome company to work with. They have gone above and beyond our expectations in development, customer service and fair pricing. We have worked with a couple of other web design companies over the past year and the professionalism of WebTY's has put the others to shame. We have immense confidence in their ability to quickly do the work we require of them and we wouldn't dream of sending our business elsewhere."
Kelly Oberg, President
of Notify Quick Corp
"WebTY's is absolutely the best! When I first thought of creating our site I really had no clue what I was going to experience. But lucky for me I had found your company. The creativity, advice and Internet knowledge your staff has provided has simply been the best. Creating flash email campaigns, producing banner ads overnight, analyzing and implementation of our national pay per click programs, your company has done it all with professionalism and patience. I would recommend WebTY's to anyone and everyone. Please put my name and site on your referral list of very satisfied clients."
Don Benedict, President
of HomeToursOnline.Net
"I couldn't have been happier with the services and solutions that I received from WebTY's Publishing & Design. Not only were they fast and efficient, they captured exactly what I was looking for. If you're looking for quality, let WebTY's show you what it means."
Weihan Leow, President
of Sagemind Solutions
"I cannot express enough how impressed I am with the quality of the services that WebTY's has to offer. The websites for both my businesses are very professional looking and very user friendly. I have received compliments from everyone that views the sites. Anytime changes or updates needed to be made they are always done in a timely and expedient manner, and they are always correct. I thank the gentleman that referred my company to WebTY's. It is refreshing that professional companies such as WebTY's are available during our business era."
Kathy Paradowski, President
of American Mini Storage
"WebTY's came through on every promise they made. They worked with me throughout the developmental stages and provided support even after the site had been completed. With our new redesigned web site, we had 7x more sales than before. I was completely satisfied with the final product and would recommend them to anyone looking for web design & support."
Michael Pacillo, Vice President
of G. Pacillo Inc.
"I was very satisfied with the work WebTY's did for me, in addition to the way I was treated as a valued client. I found everyone at WebTY's to be extremely knowledgeable and helpful in all of my dealings with them. I had many questions along the way, and they showed great patience in answering them. In this regard, they were especially accommodating. In an era where we have come to expect less personal service, I can't say enough about the personal touch at WebTY's. I would highly recommend them."
Craig Penders, Author
of Seinfeld: The Movie
"When I came to WebTY's I had big ideas to start 3 dating site companies. The prices of the sites were more then I could afford though! Thankfully WebTY's was able to work with me and give me a financing plan that allowed me to realize my dreams and open my new businesses within my budget. WebTY's truly is 'small business friendly'. Thanks."
Waicuga Kinyoro, Owner
of Christians Date
"WebTY's made my budget work! I love them for this. The site I wanted was pricey, but hey I wanted a lot of complex things so I expected it. What I didn't expect was the way the WebTY's bent over backwards to accommodate me and help me keep my cash flow positive while building this great site. I love my site, I loved the service and I love how WebTY's was willing to work with me."
Lorenzo Swann, President
of SmartChoice Communications
"Because of my age (17), most web development companies wouldn't work with me. I needed a new look for my site and I needed someone capable to install the new look for me. I got lucky when I found WebTY's. Not only did they set me up with an incredible look for my web site but they also helped me improve my site so that I got 40% more page views! Since I make my money with advertising, I made a lot of money from working with WebTY's. I'll be forever thankful."
Brandon Goldman, Owner
of MTG:Planet
"We've been with WebTY's for over 20 years. We were hesitant to make the web site interactive, but it worked out really well. By putting our student exchange process online, what once took four staffers a month, was reduced to two days. They saved us thousands of dollars each year. As the web site became even more interactive, students, and schools spent a lot more time on our site. Working with WebTY's was a great decision."
Wendel Wickland, Vice President
of National Student Exchange
"My project needed a company that can do more then develop it. I needed a company that can contribute ideals that would complement my vision. I found that tech partner in WebTY's, they truly made ETHOS Interactive a priority and worked with me on getting a prototype prepared to allow me to generate a buzz and secure sales. Working under extremely tight deadlines, they were true professionals and did everything they promised me they would do.

As of August 31st, Ethos Interactive became the "Worlds First Interactive Community Publication" and we share that success with WebTY's. I would recommend to anyone looking for website development or multimedia to consult with WebTY's before doing businesses with anyone else, they have a team that is talented and a C.E.O. that has class. Thank you WebTY's."
Dewitt Lee III, CEO
of Ethos Interactive
"Our new WebTY's website and welder qualification tracking program is first class, and has not only made work easier but also adds a huge measure of validity for our clients. We appreciate the staff at WebTY's for their quick responses to our needs, and for being very easy to work with as we try to figure out what is best for our company."
Richard J DePue, President
of Certified Welding & Testing