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Non-Profit Online Fundraising Tools

Raise money without
spending too much of it.

Our first client 31 years ago was a non-profit organization. In fact, they are still a client today. You need money. WebTY's will help you raise it quicker and easier. With online fundraising tools, WebTY's can:
  • Lower your effort, and your costs.
  • Improve existing campaigns.
  • Build a strong foundation for upcoming campaigns.
  • Collect money online from donors 24/7/365.
  • Communicate with volunteers and donors.
Whether you need to increase the efficiency of an existing campaign, or launch a new one, WebTY's can help. Let us make your fundraising a success.
Which techniques work?
There are proven psychological techniques that help motivate both donors and volunteers. WebTY's can leverage these to enhance your online donation efforts. Here are a few:
  • RECOGNITION WALL - Automatically recognize donors on your site. Display their names and donations in numbers or levels along with personal dedications.
  • CUSTOM TEAM PAGES - Get your volunteers to build teams of their own online. Team leaders can create customized motivation pages to promote on their own.
  • GOAL ILLUSTRATION - Everyone loves to see thermometers fill up. Let them see how much their donation helps you reach your goal in real time.
  • ONLINE DONATIONS - Make it easy for them to give. Collect donations online via credit card, PayPal, e-check, etc.
Get your free consultation today.
Let our non-profit consultants suggest the best tools for you.