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Web Site Evaluation & Competitive Analysis

Convert more sales
with the same traffic.

Increase your web site's conversion rate. Lower your cost per new customer acquisition. Our web site evaluation and competitive analysis services guarantee results.
Website Evaluation
We begin with a top-down analysis of your web site's true conversion rate. Once we accurately determine the percentage of visitors that convert into both sales and leads, we'll deep dive into your online presence. From there, we evaluate over 300 different touch points. The resulting deliverable is a roadmap for systematically and strategically augmenting each factor. We ensure that each enhancement positively impacts your web site's conversion rate and efficacy.
Competitive Analysis
Right now, your competitors are collecting business intel on your organization. They're devising ways to leverage their core competencies against you. If you're not gaining market share, you're falling behind. A WebTY's competitive analysis will give you the edge you need to fight back. We'll evaluate your online presence at a granular level, providing you with a detailed plan of action. We can also implement that plan for you.