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Web Site Evaluation & Competitive Analysis

Same traffic. More sales.
With every web site, there are two ways to get more sales:
  1. Get more customers to come to your site
  2. Sell to a higher percentage of the customers that already come to your site
WebTY's has helped small business owners with both, for the past 31 years. By evaluatating your web site on over 300 different aspects, we'll help you too.
Website Evaluation
To begin, we will calculate your site's "Conversion Rate", which is the percentage of visitors that it turns into sales or leads. Once we know that, our staff will strategically evaluate your entire web site on over 300 different aspects. We then systematically improve each item and watch how the changes impact your web site's conversion rate.
Competitive Analysis
Beat your competition. Don't know who your competition is? We'll find out. We'll compare your site to each of their sites and create an improvement plan designed to make your site better. Since we are a one stop-shop, not only can we create the plan but we can also execute it, with the end result giving you a better web site than your competition.