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Non-Profit Online Branding Services

1 death is a tragedy.
10,000 is a statistic.

Perception is everything. The effect your orgainzation has on people, will depend on how they see you. Would you rather pay $15 per month, or 50 cents a day?
  • Your image is your brand.
  • Your colors are your brand.
  • Your language is your brand.
WebTY's will perfect them all.

Our first client 31 years ago was a non-profit organization. They are still a client today. Before WebTY's, they had no online brand. Like we did for them, we will help you manage a successful and effective online image for your non-profit organization.
Everything you need to know.
  1. What is branding?
    Branding is when you associate certain images or feelings with an organization. For example, when you think about the Red Cross, you get a certain mental image. That's their brand.
  2. Which components are utilized in online branding?
    What you say is important, but how you say it online determines its efficacy. Whatever online presence your organization has will be evaluated to ensure you are conveying an effective, accurate, and cohesive image online.
  3. Is branding expensive?
    Not with WebTY's. All non-profit organizations are automatically extended courtesy discounts. Get more for less.
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