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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Q: Help! My app / website isn't working. Can you fix it?
The answer is probably yes. However, before we can fix anything, we first need to replicate it. If we can't replicate it, then we can tell if the issue is fixed. Here's the information we will need to properly replicate the issue:
  1. Is the problem happening on a mobile device or a desktop computer?

  2. Which operating system are you using when experiencing the problem? Window, iOS, Android?

  3. Which browser are you using while experiencing the problem? Sometimes a problem will only appear in one specific browser on one specific operating system.

  4. Is the problem consistent or intermittent?

  5. What exact steps do we need to take to replicate the problem? If we need to log into an account before seeing it, then we'll need to use the same login information that you're using. If the problem happened in a shopping cart then we'll need to add the same exact products, in the same exact quantities, from the same exact links that you used.

  6. What is supposed to happen instead of the error? In order to restore the expected result, we first need to know what the expected result is.
Once we have all this information and can successfully replicate the issue, we can fix it for you. All tech support issues are usually solved within 24 hours or less.
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