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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Q: What is the process for creating a mobile app?
The process is actually similar to the process of creating a web site.

1. Outline the Concept
Before anything is done, the end goal needs to be visualized. What will your app do? How will it do it? Who will it do it for? Does it care where its users are located or which language they speak? You will tell us your vision and we will help you sculpt it into a viable concept.

2. Design the App
The next step is laying everything out and creating the "image". Non-functional mock-up images will be created for you to review and approve. The process continues until the perfect design is chosen.

3. Create the Functionality & Enter Content
All apps do something so this is the point where it will begin to actual work. Because apps under development cannot be distributed or previewed outside of the development environment, you won’t have a 24/7/365 window into the process as you do with web sites. Content entry for web sites happens after functionality is created, but apps are far more strict which requires both of these things to happen simultaneously.

4. Testing
This is the most important and potentially the longest phase of app development. There are hundreds of different phones with many different quirks and screen sizes. The act of testing to ensure that the app experience is as flawless as possible on the most popular models is a daunting task that takes a lot of time. There are some development houses that have a single testing room that contain every phone ever made just so they can physically test the app on each of them. During this phase, we put the app through its paces as a normal user. If any portion of it doesn't work as expected, then we make necessary changes until it's flawless.

7. Launch!
After the app is full tested, we make it available to the public.
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