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Q: What are the different mobile app formats?
The different formats for apps are as follows:
  • iOS - This covers iPhones and iPods. The only small screen apple device not covered in this area is the...
  • Apple Watch - If you want your app to be on your customer's wrist, this is the category you want.
  • iPad - This final apple format is for large screens.
  • Android - This covers all android phones, even some of the phablets fall into this class.
  • Android Tablet - This doesn't usually cover the huge phablet phones like the S6. The Galaxy note and other dedicated "tablets" with larger screen sizes will fall into this category however.
  • Windows - This covers all Windows phones.
  • Windows Desktop - Yes, you can make apps for windows 8 style machines. This includes all Windows based tablets such as the Surface.
  • Blackberry - All blackberry devices are covered here.
We build apps for all of these formats and would be more than happy to get you a free quote today.
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