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Online & Internet Advertising FAQ

Q: How long does search engine optimization (SEO) take?
There are several factors which determine the length of time it takes to achieve 1st page results with SEO.
  1. Where you are currently ranked.New sites take the longest to see results because they have no track record. It can take a month just to get Google and the others to recognize you. If you are currently on the 6th page of the search results, you will see results much quicker than if you aren’t in the first 50 pages.

  2. If you currently have any penalties against you. Penalties from Google are a real thing and they are very hard to get rid of. Google can whack you for any number of reasons and once you’re on time-out, it takes good behavior and time to get back in their good graces.

  3. How competitive the key phrases you want are. Some key phrases have very little competition while others are cutthroat. Highly competitive phrases are exponentially harder to get 1st page rankings for and will take much more time.
Once you speak to one of our search consultants, we can give you an estimate of how easy or complex your specific situation is. However, no one can give you an exact timeframe for achieve front page results (unless they directly work for Google).
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