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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Q: What is the process of building a web site?
Building a high quality web site follows the same steps every time.

1. Outline the Concept
Before anything is done, the end goal needs to be visualized. What will your web site do? How will it do it? Who will it do it for? Does it care where its users are located or which language they speak? You will tell us your vision and we will help you sculpt it into a viable concept.

2. Design the Site
The next step is laying everything out and creating the "image". Non-functional mock-up images will be created for you to review and approve. The process continues until the perfect design is chosen.

3. Translate the Design into HTML
Once a design is finalized, we transform it from a pretty picture into an actual web site that you can click on and fill with content.

4. Create the Functionality
If your web site "does something" such as selling products, playing videos, or calculating PI to 200 decimal places... this is the phase where all of that functionality gets created. Depending on the complexity of your web site, this phase can be the most time consuming.

5. Content Entry
Once your site actually "works", you can fill it with products and information. You'll give us everything you want to say and sell, and we'll populate the web site with it. In the process we'll make sure it looks and works as effectively as possible.

6. Testing
A lot of people tend to forget about this step, but it's once of the most important ones. During this phase, we put the site through its paces as a normal user. If any portion of it doesn't work as expected, then we make necessary changes until it's flawless.

7. Launch!
After the site is full tested, we make it available to the public.
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