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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Q: How do I maintain my web site and keep it updated?
This is generally pretty easy. Either we will build tools into your web site that allows you to effortless update the web site yourself, or we will handle all the updates for you. The best fit for you will depend on your time, budget and willingness level. Doing it yourself requires a higher upfront investment to build the content management tools into your web site. Having us do it gets you professional quality as needed. Here are our general guidelines:

A. No Updates
Sometimes web sites don't require any maintenance. In some cases once it's built, that's all you need. In this instead you don't need and content management tools or WebTY's assistance.

B. Infrequent, Untimely Updates
If this is what your needs are, you're better off having us do them as needed. This way you avoid an upfront investment for the management tools which you won't be using very often.

C. Infrequent, Time Sensitive Updates
In this case, you are still probably better off having us do them. Turn around times are generally one business day or less for updates unless you send us a 1000 item to-do list. Again, you avoid the upfront investment for the tools and you get what you need in a timely fashion.

D. Frequent Updates that You Don't Mind Doing
If you need a lot of updates done, and you don't mind doing them yourself, then you need content management tools (CMT's). There is a higher upfront investment, but they will pay for themselves with all the use you get from them.

E. Frequent Updates that You Don't Have Time For
Your time is your most precious resource. If you need a lot of updates done, and you don't have the time to do them, then we can do them for you. We can put you on a monthly maintenance plan that lets you send us unlimited updates for one low investment. You send it, we take care of it. It's just that easy.

F. There are some updates you don't mind doing, and some you do mind doing.
If this is the case, you need both CMT's and WebTY's maintenance. For example, you can have flexibility to change your product pricing on the fly to run specials with CMT's. Then when you want to swap out a bunch of product photos and you want them cropped or color adjusted in the process, you'll have us do them as needed.

Once we get a chance to hear your needs, we can help you figure out what would work best for you. Regardless of your initial decision, you can always change your mind in the future. So if you didn't get CMT's at the start, we can build them in later. If you did get CMT's and you need us to make updates in the future, that won't be a problem either.
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