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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Q: What's the difference between a mobile app and a mobile web site?
While both function on mobile phones, apps and web sites are completely different animals.

1. Internet Connection
The first and most important difference is that all mobile web sites require an internet connection, while some apps do not. No signal = no mobile web site. And app can be made to function under any conditions.

2. Push Notifications
Apps can interact with your customers at any time via those push notifications you always see popping up. Facebook can't tell you that your just friend posted a new photo if you don't use their app. OKCupid can't tell you that your soulmate just messaged you if you don't use their app. Apps can actively communicate with your customers in real time instead of waiting for your customer to come to you.

3. Functionality
Apps have a lot more features at their fingertips (pun intended) than mobile web sites do. Mobile web sites are limited to the capabilities of the browser, while apps can also tap into the tools of your customer's mobile device. For example, a web site can't access your customer's contacts, phone or calendar. A mobile app can easily do all three. Games and other such activities are far more functional in app form than they are in mobile web site form.

4. Access
Mobile web sites can be accessed from any mobile device, regardless of its operating system. The same mobile web site will work on an iPhone as well as it does on an Android. Apps need to be built independently for each device though. An app built for Android won't work on iPhone and vice versa. Apps also need to be downloaded, while mobile web sites are always just there.

5. Lifetime
Your users can't delete a mobile web site, but they can delete a mobile app.

Apps are right for some businesses, and not right for others. Get your free consultation today and we can help you determine if a mobile app would be right for you.
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