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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Q: What kind of web hosting will I need for my site?
Web hosting is essentially the electronic office space you lease for your business. There are two basic kinds of web site hosting available.

A. Shared Hosting
This is the most common type of small business web hosting. In real estate terms, this is a suite in a building occupied by many different businesses. You all share the property and pay a low monthly fee to maintain your occupancy. There is a 99% chance that this is the type of hosting you will need for your web site.

B. Dedicated Hosting
In real estate terms, this is where you own the whole building. There are no other businesses using the same property that you are. As a result, all the resources are yours. This is useful for high traffic web sites and/or web sites that require a higher level of security.

Your hosting needs will ultimately be determined near the end of your project. Our specialists will help determine the best hosting platform for your needs.
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