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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Q: How do I choose a domain name?
There are generally 3 strategies for selecting the perfect domain name:

A. Use your company name.
This is the easiest approach. If someone knows your company name, they'll easily be able to find your web site in the search engines. There is no other WebTY's for example, so any search in any search engine will always bring us up as #1. If someone just tried to type in our name instead of searching for us, there's a high probability of them coming to our site as well since our domain name is the exact same as our company name. Sometimes this won't work if someone else already owns that domain name. In that case you can just add to the name or choose a different extension. Using us as an example, we could have used "webtys.net" or "webtysinc.com".

B. Use the name of your product.
This is the approach that gets you the most visibility in the search engines. If we had chosen the name "WebDesignCompany.com" if would have helped us far more with our search engine visibility than webtys.com does. We did start this company before the era of search engines and SEO though, so that wasn't really an option at the time. This is usually a harder approach since there is often more people selling what you are selling than there are people using your business name.

C. Use a combination of both.
An example of this would be "WebtysWebDesign.com". Hybrid strategies like this don't excel in either area but hedge in both areas.

The bottom line is that there is no wrong way to choose a domain name. However, our specialists will help you figure out which is the best possible domain name for your business.
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