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Small Business Web Design FAQ

Q: How much does a web site cost?
That's the same as asking what a car costs. A Kia and a Ferrari are worlds apart in pricing for numerous reasons. The same thing holds true for web sites as very few are created equal. Here are some key questions to help answer that:

1. What will your web site "do"?
The more your web site actually does, the more time it will take to create it. Less development time always equates to a lower cost.

2. How complicated is your web site?
Your web site could only do one thing, but that one thing could be terribly complicated. Let's use Google as an example. At its core, Google does one thing... search. They make it look easy, but it's insanely complicated to do effectively. On the flip side, there's a web site like BuffaloNews.com. That web site does infinitely more things than Google does, but is also infinitely cheaper to create since the things that BuffaloNews.com does are far easier to create than what Google does. So the less complicated your web site is, the lower the cost.

3. How short is your deadline?
Rush jobs are possible, but they cost more than average web design timelines because they require more resources. Therefore, the longer you can wait, the less it will cost.

4. How many people will be using your web site at once?
If your web site will have a couple hundred users or less, it can be built quicker and easier. The technology behind it doesn't need to be as robust as if tens or hundreds of thousands of users were using it at the same time. So the less people you foresee using your web site, the less it will cost.

Ask us for a quote and our web design specialists will give you a free one. You have nothing to lose and in the process, we can show you how to potentially achieve the same goal for less money.