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"WebTY's has absolutely given me the tools to succeed in this fast high paced environment. Before I came to WebTY's I had two other web design firms design my site. While they made some improvements, the site just never reached my expectations.

I contacted WebTY's, and after talking to them many, many times (I'm sure they were ready to kill me), I took a leap of faith and went with them. They had many obstacles to face, including a less than cooperative ex-web designer who attempted to throw a glitch in anything he could whenever he could. The team continued to chug along even with me asking every hour on the hour when it would be ready. They were always courteous and professional and they finished it up within the time frame allowed. After it was up we were successful from the beginning! We beat the best month of the old site by over 200% and continue to gain more and more ground each day!

WebTY's is THE premier web design team in the nation; I'm convinced of it. Web design is not just making a web site but involves marketing, psychology, and a little luck. WebTY's has got it all going for them. I'm the most cautious, most optimistic person there is, but WebTY's has convinced me that they know what they are doing."

- Brian Vincent, President

COMPANY: Diesel Concepts
BUSINESS DESCRIPTION: Diesel Concepts sells every kind of performance part imaginable for diesel powered vehicles. They help people add horsepower, torque, fuel efficiency, and style to their vehicles.
PROBLEMS: The company had 2 previous web developers who created a web site for them that just wasn't doing the job. Sales were poor despite a booming economy and high traffic volumes to the site.
SOLUTIONS: We redesigned the existing site to so that it vastly improved both the company's image and the site's usability. By make it easier to use and more appealing to potential customers, we managed to improve sales on the web site by 400%. Their primary customer demographic is a male from 17 to 45 with a desire to customize and empower their vehicles.
  • Vastly improved the traffic conversion rate to improve online sales by 400%.
  • Greatly improved the site's usability by adding customized searching features that allow customers to effortlessly find products for their vehicle.
  • Designed a completely new brand image that appeals to the target demographic.
  • Redesigned and re-engineered the old site into an efficient, attractive business tool.
  • Improved site credibility and customer involvement by adding customer submitted product reviews.
  • Improved and expanded upon the existing administrative features to make the business easier to run.
TECHNOLOGY NOTES: This site uses:
  • Active Server Pages (ASP) for all web pages.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 as a content storage backend.


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