How to Set an Advertising Budget

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How to Set an Advertising Budget
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A lot of businesses have problems figuring out how much of a budget to invest in advertising. Before you can determine the perfect advertising budget, you need goals. How much do you want to make, and how quickly do you want to make it? You need to know what you want to achieve before you can achieve anything.

Once you know your goals, the calculator will help you determine the best amount for your business to invest in advertising. Just replace the sample numbers with numbers that actually apply to your business. The amount people invest in advertising usually ranges from 20% to 80%.

If, for example, you invest 20% and meet your goals you will make an 80% profit. If you invest 20% and exceed your goals then you can make 100%, 200% or even more profit. If you invest 20% and don't meet your goals, you can still make a large profit because you have only invested a small percentage.
See how much you should invest.
  1. Replace the information below with information that actually fits your business.
  2. Click the "Calculate Your Advertising Budget" button.
How much do you make each sale:
How much do you want to make annually: 
Select how fast you want to grow:
First we'll calculate how much business you need to do to meet your income goals:
Minimum Annual Sales:
Minimum Monthly Sales:
Minimum Daily Sales:
If you make your expected sales, you'll make:
Monthly Income:  
Daily Income:
Given your goals and income, your ad budget should be:
% of Income to Invest:  
Monthly Advertising Budget:

For your business to grow, you must invest in it.
The better your investment, the better the growth.

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