Non-Profit Initiative Promotion

Non-Profit Initiative Promotion
Educate your community about your initiatives.
Our first client 24 years ago was a non-profit organization. In fact, they are still a client today.

You need money to do what you do, and WebTY's can help you raise that money quicker and easier with online fundraising tools. WebTY's can:
  • Augment and bolster existing campaigns.
  • Build a strong foundation for upcoming campaigns.
  • Easily collect money from
    donors 24/7.
  • Communicate with volunteers and donors with less effort and lower costs.
Whether you need to augment an existing campaign or you're launching a brand new one, contact us and let WebTY's help you maximize your potential for successful fundraising.
The best tools for the best results.

There are proven techniques that help motivate both donors and volunteers that WebTY's can utilize to improve your online donation efforts:
  • ONLINE DONATIONS - Collect donations via credit card, PayPal, e-check, etc.

  • GOAL ILLUSTRATION - Everyone loves to see thermometers fill up, but online you've an unlimited number of additional options. Curious? Ask us!

  • CUSTOM TEAM PAGES - Get your volunteers to build teams of their own online. Team leaders create customized pages on the site and each team member contributes to the goal.

  • RECOGNITION WALL - Automatically recognize donors on your site. Display their names and donations in numbers or levels along with personal dedications.
These are just some of the many methods available to you. Contact us today to learn more.

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